Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I host a Witches Tea with my family! This year was exceptionally fun.... Here's a look at what made the details!
You can find the printables in previous posts.
I love doing this for my family to show my appreciation for all they have done for me.
Below: Witch Party Favor tied with ribbon onto the chairs. I made them from this printable:

 Eye of Newt Treats:
I found chocolate eyeballs at the dollar store and added them to bead holders from Hobby Lobby!
Witches Goo:
I made a chocolate cake decadent by adding creme de menthe flavoring and Andes Mints
to the batter. I then layered the cake with cake, mint frosting and Andes Mints and on top added a Hershey's Kiss

Spider Cakes:
Classic Pumpkin Chocolate Chop Cream Cheese Cupcakes embellished with chocolate chips and spiders found at my local dollar store.

Witch Fingers:
Found at my local dollar store and then placed on an amazing bejeweled platter I found for 2 dollars.
Witch Boot:
I went to my local Savers and found a pair of boots. I then glittered and decorated my boot for a table centerpiece.You can also see candy in a flower urn. This candy was used to fill the "Witch Treats" to go containers.

Last But not least the Amazing Witches Who made the night complete...

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