Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our Family Theme for the 2013-2014 School Year: Pray Always (Free 11x14 print and 4x6 Print)

This year our theme is Pray Always. Based on this talk:
 This is a family back to school tradition in our home since 2011.
We have our awesome dinner. have a Family Home Evening about our
yearly theme and then our Dad gives the kids a back to school blessing.
We gave each of our kids their own smaller copy, a prayer rock and prayer journal with
colored pencils. We talked about how we can improve our own prayers and have more gratitude in our prayers.
Here are a few high-lights from tonight

 You can have your own copy of this 11x14 image if you'd like by
clicking on the image and right clicking and saving the image as:
(Also please remember that this is for personal us only)

 You can save this image by clicking on the image and then right clicking and saving image as
this is a 4x6 print

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